Jilly: My Van Life

In my mind I’m riding high above the asphalt in my super dooper RV van equipped with all the essentials I will need, plus plenty I want, such as my art easel, my ukulele and my Martn and Taylor guitars. I won’t forget my fishing pole or telescope either as well as my virgin tiki bar complete with all the fixings for a pina colada. A hui hou!


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Steps to Freedom

1. I’m powerless over Emile Dalkey and my life is unmanageable.

2. I believe my HP can restore me to sanity.

3. Im making a decision to turn my will over to a power greater than me.

4. Now I will make a seaŕching & fearless moral inventory.

1st column

is ALL Emile Dalkey.

2nd column are the resentments and how its manifested.

Emile abandonded me.

3rd. Self esteem, fear, security, finances.

4th. My part-zero

He broke my heart and left.

3rd Effects my security and self esteem. Also fear.

4th My part – guilty of trusting.

He should write back to me.

3rd Self esteem & security

4th. I am guilty of expectations.

He should pay me back.

3rd Finances & fear

4th I didnt hesitate to give him money daily.

He lied to me over and over.

3rd. My trust and self esteem and fear

4th My part is I believed him.

He broke our trust.

3rd. Fear

4th My part was actually trusting.

He made it essential for me to get therapy so I dont hurt myself.

3rd Self esteem and fear

4th My part is manini but I believe there must be some part that is mine, I cant think what it is.

J R – Friend for Life

JR and I at a recent live music event.

How can I explain my friend JR? I have no idea really.

Guess I’ll begin at the beginning.

We met at Bowling Green Elementary School in the middle of 1st grade back in 1958. We had just moved to Stonehedge Way, across the street and 3 houses down from the Trujillos ranch home, all new suburbs full of growing families. Our school was full of kids, and JR called herself Jackie then. We both joined Bluebirds and were in Mrs. McGee’s flock. We’d happily do crafts, collect badges and chase each other around the neighborhood. Jackie and I would make butter n sugar white bread sandwiches after school and eat them on her closet floor, like a little fort.

We both had dough boy swim pools for Hot Sacramento weather and played in each others pools many sizzling afternoons. Jackie had a handsome older brother Randy and eventually a baby sister DeeDee.

Jackie was doted on by her Mother who spoiled her like an only child.

Mrs. Trujillo always made enchiladas and my Mother would literally dance a gig when she saw Mrs. Trujillo walk down the middle of Stonehedge way with a glass casserole filled with the most delicious enchiladas on the face of the Earth.

We grew up, some years thru school we were very close, other years more distant. Jackie always played the role of protector during our school age years.

We got to be very close in our Senior year and went on our own adventure around California after graduation. It was spectacular. See I knew EVERYTHING about her life and experiences!!

About 10 years after graduation we moved to Hawaii with our dear friend Steve Soto and my boyfriend at the time.

We completely enjoyed Kailua Beach where we lived and the good times continued to roll on. We shared a condo overlooking the ocean and began to enjoy the culture of the islands.

JR found the humidity fairly exhausting and returned to Sacramento reinstating with the State.

We saw each other when I visited infrequently, an ocean caused compelling distance and once Steve and her came to visit me and my family in Maui. We enjoyed a luau, a snorkel trip and a whale watch. There are photos from that excursion.

Eventually I returned to Sacto to reinstate and work on a retirement, it’s a good thing I did. I reconnected with Steve right away and it was his passing that brought JR and I back together. We literally picked up exactly where we’d left off.

Jacqueline’s passion was truly traveling and Travel we did. We must of taken 50 overnight trips in the last 4 1/2 years and I am grateful for all of them. It was not always easy to travel with JR because she was always falling down. We spent Way too much times in ERs during our vacation trips.

I’d like to mention those most memorable!

Two trips that were to San Diego were particularly misfortunate although thru it all we managed to have fun.

Last year we flew to San Diego and stayed at her timeshare near the beach that had 2 bedrooms and great accoutrements.

We had plans to dine out, visit the beach, go to La Jolla and od course go to world famous San Diego Zoo! I was so excited, a couple, 3-4 years ago I went with my husband and had a remarkable interaction with a baby gorilla named Frank.

I will recount the highlights, as I shared them with JR.

We approached the glass window looking into the gorillas, they were all right there in front of the small bank of bleachers, the silverback, his females, some young gorillas scampering about and a tiny gorilla was very active.

I walked the length of the glass and at the far right end stopped right in front right at the glass. In the blink of my eye, the tiny 18-20″ baby gorilla ran right up to me perched on a small ledge and we were literally eyeball to eyeball. I held my breathe and looked into his rich brown eyes and saw this tiny baby, and we connected. It felt like an hour but was probably 2 minutes but we held each others gaze deeply. It was a rare and wonderful moment I will carry with me forever. I was absolutely in love.

Frank heard the big silverback call and took one last look and ran off. That was really very special.

So seeing the gorillas was on the top of my list for the zoo.

We had the problem of mobility tho. JR had trouble walking even a little and I have trouble walking distances so we figured renting electric scooters was optimal. We went over how to and she said she would follow right behind me. We scooted to the totems poles and onto see the amazing collection of animals. I was happy.

We followed the path and I told her stay right near me, I collared out, we’re going up a grade and moments later I heard a scream and a giant crash, she had driven right off the ledge and rolled over the scooter landing very hard. She’d hit her head.

People came running, they re-routed the tour buses and an ambulance was called. We were on our way to Emergency. She hurt her head and bruised other places and a day later we left San Diego early. Not one of our better trips.

The following San Diego trip was this January 2018. She treated me to a cruise to what is sold as the Mexican Riviera, we flew to San Diego and had transport to the harbor and boarded a luxury line called Oosterdam, one of the Norweigen fleet of small, fancier ships. It was my first cruise, she had been on many, to Alaska, the Caribbean and Mexico, with other friends and her neighbor Karen. I did not like it when she treated but she insisted because she knew I’d be helping her a lot.

The travel to the ship was fine and we got into our stateroom, with private veranda and called for them to separate the beds as they were twins joined to be a king but we are single girls!

Our stateroom was gorgeous. I went out to look at the ocean as we were still in port. What a wonderful view we had. I said out loud, “watch that lip on the doorjam”.

She went out to see the water, she still had her boots and jacket on. And she tripped on the lip and went airborne tumbling into the coffee table and landing on her face, screaming. We had been on board 10 minutes.

I called the Emergency services then went to look closely at her, blood was coming out of the top of her hand and her hand was torn open. She took off the outer layer of the top of her hand and it was terrible. The emergency people came and took her to the ships medical facility. Once the doctor arrived they x-rayed her and determined it wasn’t fractured but she needed to keep it dry and elevated, she was very sore.

We had seven nights on board this ship, we ate all our meals together, she gambled I went to hear live music, rock, blues, classical and I danced a few times. I met and talked to people and every night we dressed up for dinner.

We had pictures….

Glam night was lots of fun. I managed to have fun but it was tense, I felt guilty having fun when she was in such misery. JR kept telling me go out and have fun so on the 3rd day I finally left during the day. My routine was to have lunch in Lido, then go out to the big pool and paint for awhile then swim, first doing laps, then rest fully lounging in the hot tubs. That was really fun.

When our cruise ended, we flew home and I asked her if we could please avoid San Diego in the future. She agreed.

Wolf Love

His silver eyes, pierce the night.

Seeking his fleshy prey,

Growling, spiting, scratching he waits,

This dog is no man he’s a killer alright

Tonight he smells her scent and lunges

Eager to own her body and soul

The wolf has no stop, only hunger and craving


He’ll rip her to shreds to make her his own.

He’ll rip her to shreds to make her his own.

Heavy metal instrumental…….3+minutes

She wakes up beside him, curled, at peace

Her lover has used her, then licked her goodnight

She feels where he’s marked her

Up and down her backside, and he didnt stop there

She’d been drunk with his passion as he took what was his

And fallen deep into subspace, peeking at the glint in his eye.

Now she tried to walk, and knew she couldnt

Her submission a gift he’d taken and left her fully whole


He’d ripped her to shreds and made her his own.

He’d ripped her to shreds and made her his own.

Heavy metal ending……

2+ minutes


Dream Destroyer

There is only one thing that could keep me from following my RV Adenture dream.

We had a huge hail storm today, so much piled up and froze the road I drive on to work that cars became immobilized, stuck and swerved recklessly very close to where I was riding as a passenger after work. It was somewhat treacherous and I was fortunate that nothing was damaged, either my car or body.

It had the appearance of snow but was actually pea size hail that melted together and behaved like snow.

I’ve never seen anything like this in Sacramento in my life, I’m not sure this has ever happened here. We get tiny bits of snow every 20 years but this afternoon was unprecedented proof of climate change.

Jealousy Cure

One Girls Journey to Freedom

It’s very difficult to deal with feelings of jealously and insecurity, in a relationship. And it’s no different when the players are polyamorus, because learning to keep jealousy down to a bare minimum roar is entirely attractive to the ongoing functionality of a poly dynamic. That is a couple, or three or more engaged in a poly lifestyle.

Polyamory is also known as non-monogamy, an often misunderstood and sometimes sexual identity that simply means “loving more than one”. This may or may not include sex, there are in fact, a-sexual people who are also polyamorous. They do not have sex, they LOVE.

To break it down:

Poly = many

Amorous = love

So often a polyamorous couple has multiple casual or committed lovers. In most cases everyone knows the score and they are caring, committed lovers who want more than one partner and inform one another when they have an opportunity to play or have sexual relations.

WE all have the right to sex, it is not immoral or inherently bad to have more than one partner. The immorality of yesteryear does not stand up to the light of scrutiny in today’s world and only people who are judgmental would deem to press their prejudicial morays onto individuals who choose love over hate. We’ve come too far toward enlightenment to go back to Victorian standards, and then cheat on our spouses behind another’s backs. Many must move past their own self-imposed judgments in order to live free to love who they wish.

So a wife decides she wants to take a lover because her husband has been withholding intimacy for years. Is she bad? Should she go without for the rest of her years? Does she suspect he is fulfilling his appetite elsewhere?

What does she choose?

How does she tell her husband, is he the type that doesn’t want to know?

What’s such a girl to do for sex?

She’ll have sex.

So she chooses a very sexy guitarist she happens to see at a club and Surprise! He’s into it. He a poly guy, whose “married” to the woman he’s loved for 2 decades, but his heart and body is open to LOVE.

SINCE she (the horny woman who hasn’t had sex in years) is already into Him, there’s no stopping them. She’s all about giving pleasure and she gives. A lot. She also receives the best fucking she’s ever had and she grows some feelings about the man. A lot of strong feelings.

Now she has an opportunity to practice curing jealousy in a poly triangle. There are dozens of web pages with info on curing jealousy in a poly dynamic.

She knows she is good enough, but she reminds herself regardless. Jealously is borne out of loneliness and insecurity so she makes sure she has plenty of activities and plenty of self esteem building interactions and activities. Jealousy can be like an unreachable itch so she talks about it, writes about it and remembers He wants Her too.

She continues to build up her own sense of self and treats herself with an abundance of self care.

This is her cure for jealousy in a poly relationship. She is thrilled to find a way thru jealousy to the love (and sex) she always wanted and she becomes very, very happy.

The Woman I Desire ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ A true FAN page by travel blogirl Jillymaui… featuring a special song by Emile Dalkey of Mezcal Aces – catch them in Sacramento or on an upcoming tour.

Emile Dalkey, “Master of Rock” and more, hits it “HARD ASA ROCK” with back o’ the head licks and enthusiastic teeth gnashin’ and flossin’ techniques ala the great Hendrix with some of his many beloved guitars.

The lyrics to the “Woman I Desire”, are in his original hand, digitally captured here.

The video then follows.

This song is on FIRE! So is this great musical talent, Mr. Emile Dalkey.

Just listen to the clear, intentional tone and hot, sexy strum slashes.

What IS that called?

Mr. Dalkey, plays this song like he really means it, in my humble, yet well-honed opinion.

He screams about “a girl who owns her sexy fire that melts men’s ♡♡♡s with a wink of her eye. And she knows it.”

How many boyfriends does this kinky girl need?

Lots and lots and lots apparently.

I was lucky enough to hear Emile Dalkey guesting with Nanker Phelge after the last Halloween show, on October 30, 2017 “a seventeen band strong evening featuring a Dead Rock Stars” review at the venerable club Old Ironsides in Sacramento, California.

That was one memorable show, which featured many bands, the standout to me, without a doubt, was Emile, as he WOWed us all, when he played & sang a great Mike Bloomfield original, “I Got a Mind”.


Emile Dalkey, I Got a Mind

Dalkey is always looking for the next challenging project, and his stint with Mezcal Aces is proving superb.

Together his current band has hundreds of years of real world musical experience, Emile is approaching 35 on his own, in his hardrocking quest for excellence.

You should be booking Emile today for your venue.

Emile Dalkey has ARRIVED!

I became an all-in immediate fan, I am truly hooked. On December 30, 2017, when he sang his song, “For Jill” that pretty much sealed the deal in my mind.

Emile is more than passionate about his music, his guitars, his bandmates, friends and his entire life devoted to creative fulfillment. MUSIC is his one true, all-consuming driving force. Nothing else compares, he agreed he is truly “married to music.”

He also paints with vibrant watercolours and writes captivating original music, like this fully, hot song of desire.

Dalkey also enjoys covering many hit rock tunes too, and is always a crowd pleaser.

The Woman I Desire is about a very sexy, nearly ideal woman he encounters, and simply must possess, he does not judge her or shame her for her ability to attract as many lovers as she desires. She is a polyamorous person with a sex drive that remains, utterly undiminished.

It was a pleasure to talk to Dalkey last January 10, 2018 when I was between vacations to Cabo, Mazatlan and Hawaii all about his music. Then on February 3, 2018, I closely examined, his beautiful guitar, as he provided personal insight to the workings of his ax and describes exactly why 3 pick ups are clearly necessary on his fabulous renderer of the hottest tuneage.

Dalkey Links :

facebook sign-in


Tribute to Mike Bloomfield, I Got a Mind

Reverbnation Page

Twitter Feed

Tumblr: with Brangs’ audio

Fandalism Page

Check out some of my newest photos, from our recent February meeting.

When not nekked for a private concert, you can find him fronting his latest band Mezcal Aces, or subbing for another rad playa in a well-wired band.

(NO boys & girls!! that is just his LEG there below the Strat and besides he’s married to rocking- photographer Tara).

Emile Dalkey is a classically trained musician, playing many genres and seems most at home fronting a hard- rock bluesy vibe, that just screams its’ riffs and sweet, super hot licks, ala ~ en fuego, ala ON Fire!

Included in this hero-worship fan blog are more musical renditions, links, other snips and bits …photos and videos exclusively by @jillymaui from a recent billing at Fox n Goose, Sacramento, long-time musical venue.


This is actually a limited post to feature my private, blooming friendship with a very, very special man.

All photos, creative editing, content and words by @jillymaui. Tremendous gratitude to the gifted artist.


We found matching phone charms, I’m such a sucker for a long haired lead guitarist, ummm, you have no idea.

Emile Dalkey is that rare breed of sexy lead guitarist and vocalist, who connects with his fans and charms his way into their hearts. Bravo!

Is this reviewer Dalkey biased?

Yea? Ha! no effing doubt, none, nada . Zero.


From “The Woman I Desire”

“Hey Mami yo la tengo, Corazon en fuego”.

Translation approximate:

She has a heart on fire!

Later I wrote an inspired haiku….

Like I said:





The lyrics again:

“The Woman I Desire” written by Emile Dalkey, singer-songwriter, lead guitarist.

Hot shit. Yes. All that. ♡

Can you spell

H-O-T ?

In person… he is on fire!!!

And now for more hotness…


This intense pic is the one that melts my ♡.

Everytime… and I only took this pic a few days ago.

Next booking:

Feb 17. Fox n Goose

That show I brought two girlfriends with and we had such FUN, they loved meeting the band and we rocked all night long.

Our next time will be March 3, a private engagement. Just us.

Come hang out with the Cool Kids!

Alright, actually the nerds and other music afficianados, for real.

Just treat yourself to something sweet and at the same time, support all hard working and playing local musicians, male and female, some of whom have the chops to play on any stage, anywhere in the World.

Such as Emile Dalkey.


Post-script: I’ve been on vacation, total of 3 trips since December, I plan to get up to date on that soon, with 500 photos. Just kidding. No really. Christmas was Tahoe, then cruised to Mexican Riviera on HAL for 7 nights and the last 2 weeks in Hawaii, 90% of it was spectacular.

Blog on.