Jilly: My Van Life

In my mind I’m riding high above the asphalt in my super dooper RV van equipped with all the essentials I will need, plus plenty I want, such as my art easel, my ukulele and my Martn and Taylor guitars. I won’t forget my fishing pole or telescope either as well as my virgin tiki bar complete with all the fixings for a pina colada. A hui hou!

I’m learning how to begin my RV adventure in a 19-20 foot van which I’m planning to drive 13,000 miles, sooner than later.  I hope you will ride along with me as I find more adventures and fun, heading into the sunset.

Don’t Tell the Doctor

That you have chest pains, unless that is, you want to be loaded into an ambulance and taken to ER for a nice 28 hour stay while they poke and prod you til you are black and blue! Yep, that is how I have spent the last day and a half that seemed like 5. Luckily they did not find anything much wrong with my heart, although some tests remain to be enjoyed, yuck yuck.

Back at work today and living the life, all in all I only missed 5 1/2 hours on the job so thats not tooooooo bad. Life is a treat.




Just sitting at this desk on the 18th floor with the state officials and legislative types acting important and quietly wishing I was anywhere else at this very moment.

Perfection would be off on blm land reached only by dirt road along a swiftly moving trout planted stream, I’d be kicking back with a virgin pina and my rod out the wide open back door, reading a naughty novel while I bask in the late afternoon sun.

My trusty doggy stretched out on the warm earth below my gaze, ever mindful of my safety, all I  can hear are the rustling pines and rippling, cool waters, when a trout strikes, I can almost taste the melted butter dripping off that slowly roasted fish.


Yeah, I’d rather be there now.

Think About the Positive

The whole reason I am here (at this stupid job) is so I can begin my last big adventure of my life, which is of course my RVan trip East to Florida, North to Nova Scotia, West to Alaska and South back to California, essentially completing a weirdly shaped circle around much of North America. This trip is approximately 13,000 miles.

I intend to drive it mainly alone in a small van type of RV which will contain everything I need. It’s very ambitious I know, and that is perfectly fine. Even if I don’t finish all of it, just doing it to begin with will be a triumph. Not trying is the only real failure. So I am concentrating on the positive today, rather than the million negatives that could trip me up and cause me to fail before I even begin this dream excursion.

I have friends to visit, relatives to catch up with, I plan to take a whole year so I can take my time, staying on my basic schedule I have set out, Springime to get to Florida, spend part of March/April there, in May up to the North, across Canada in June, then July and August in Alaska and early Fall to get back to California where I live most of the time.

I’d also like to catch MLB games, visit some important family history locations and paint landscapes in nature near the ocean perhaps, along my way. My other interests are playing my guitar, should I dare try busking?
And enjoy my stargazing interest on clear, dark, desert nights sounds amazing to me. Along the way if I can catch some trout and salmon, well to me, my trip will be pretty close to perfection.
Now that’s positive thinking!!

Work Bluz

Sitting at work, wishing I was anywhere else
When the bully comes by to stick me with a ….. stick
Ouch! Hey, what the what?

Oh that wasn’t me, I don’t even have a stick!
Really, whats that in your back pocket then?
Nothing! I mean, OH there’s my stick, I thought I lost it.

You know where you can put that stick, right?
Uh-huh, I sure do know right where I can stic my stick.
Under my breath, what a dumb ass, I hate this job.