Home Inspection

We want to move perhaps so today was home inspection.

Our little 2/1 bungalow is getting small for us.

 The living room is tidy.

The kitchen is ok, oh I need more coffee.

Looking down hall.

Bed is so inviting.

Glad the inspection is over now I can relax.

A hui hou. 

9Watch “Jefferson Airplane – Comin’ Back To Me” on YouTube

Still waiting …..

Been waiting a very long time.

Beauty, hope, love. 

Learning to paint helped me love myself and accept myself as I am.

Took this the other day, sometimes I forget how old I am and I need a reminder … without make up or edits. 

Coming Back to Me ….

the mystery question, I won’t share the answer.

I thought it was a certain person, but no. 

An activity or location, but no.

Perhaps an emotion or a yearning …. 

a memory that has a life of its own …

So many possibilities.

Coming Back to Me 

Where ever that is. 

summer of love ♡

Yes, I want to write about it, but diary style, as I recall stories of my life 50 years ago, when I was 14 going on 22.  I will be adding on to this bit all summer long.

So I made a poster to start with, including  a copy of my most recent passport photo, with a flower in my hair.

From what I’ve seen the summer of love happened everywhere because it is being remembered in many communities, all over the world.  Its appropriate, this summer changed life forever, beginning many revolutions.

I spent much of 67-68 in Berkeley literally on Telegraph  and in the Haight.  Details will be added on.

A very cheerful “Peace!”, to any and all with an interest in hippie life, and living an alternative reality, which today has become mainstream life.  🌎


Recalling how it all began, way back in the early 60s. I’m olde now of course, well I will be 65 next month. No I cannot believe it, for many reasons.  First, I’m truly not at all sure how I have lived this long.  I never, ever expected too, a truly everyday is a total gift.

Back in the day, about 1963, the music became hugely important to me.  The Beatles began a musical revolution and created an instant focus on all things music for my friends and my self.

Songs of love and wanting more were in the air. Simon & Garfunkel, Cream, Doors, Led Zeppelin, Yardbirds, Animals . . . there was a yearning, a desire in the music and rising up in the kids listening.  For a few years I experimented, like everyone I knew was doing.  We smoked pot and more. We were young.

So for me, a girl who is a risk taker and rebel, well the 60s were custom made.

The first time, I was still a virgin and I was on a date, a double date and the guys had something for us to smoke, I was 14. We did, we laughed. Nothing bad happened, we kissed the boys and they  took us home, giggly and feeling like we’d had a great adventure.

So I was off and running, a suburban white girl, learning all about a big, new urban world.

I heard something called crosstops would give me energy and help me lose weight and I would have so much energy I could do anything, they were all that and more.

By the time I was 15, I was a regular customer. And my room was very clean and re-designed to boot. And pullezze …. don’t think I was being taken advantage of, no way. I knew just what I was doing.

The very first time I left home without permission, but with my radio and a bag, and after listening  to  S & Gs song about leaving home ….. The Boxer and Homeward Bound…..

I was gone.


Off and running I told my gf Evey and Linda that I was getting on a Greyhound and flying up

I-80 at 70mph. My cousin Patti lived there but it was my Aunt Alice who met me as I got off the Greyhound. We locked eyes and her “young lady!” was fairly disturbing. She put me right back on the next bus and Daddy picked me up 2 hours later in Sacramento.

I was busted, grounded, just 14 and it was 1966.

I wanted to be grown up, away from home, with friends who liked music I liked and this War sounded horrendous. I wanted every soldier to come home safe but they didn’t. I was scared the war would go on long enough for them to draft my brother, Jack.

I became interested in what was happening politically.

The other huge national event that had occured was the assassination of President Kennedy.  That event had enormous impact on youngsters just 3 years previously.

Losing Kennedy made alot of people angry, and I’ve always felt Kennedy’s death along with the civil rights movement were the true beginning of our social revolution.



Baseball #SFGIANTS

I love my Giants and when we win its super sweet, like today.  No matter what, I love my team.

I put my #Gamer shirt on in the 7th and we won.


Win or lose I bleed orange n black.

3 rings in 5 years in 1 decade! Lol 

This may be the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love, every summer is for baseball.

So many are cuties too.

Good idea.  And Bum will return!

Theres even a damn beer.

Those who are true believers NEVER DOUBT!!!

Giants baseball means Bochy, the winning-est current manager, Posey the great catcher-hitter, Pence the one who never says no, Panik our own spark plug and killer P – we have the extraordinary bcraw and other Brandon, Belt. Johnny, Ty, Moore, a shark and Melancon to name just a few, as Bum’s return looms. 

Kruk n Kuip hold us together too. 

This team has no quit, no matter what.  Our turn will come again, because never count us out til the 27th.

Go geev um guys! 


Best Friends Forever


I have been lucky to know Tina for about 36 years now, ever since the first week I lived in Hawaii for the Jr. Chamber of Commerce.  We’ve been very close and have always enjoyed our friendship, nowadays I visit Hawaii annually and always stay a week or so with her or share a condo or vacation rental together.  She occasionally visits me in California too.  We have made some wonderful memories.  We have had adventures, such as Waiahole Valley fun and have shopped in every neighborhood on Oahu.  We love to swim and do water aerobics and once had a cable access show featuring arts and crafts.


Tina sent me this hilarious pic of her goofing around recently.


A couple of years ago at the pool.


Tina in about 1981.




Tiki Love

What is it about van life and tiki decor that go so beautifully together?

Colorful and graphic, each piece of Shag’s art tell a story.




I intend to figure out how to express my love for tiki in the confines of my Tiny Tiki Hale.


Something akin to the sexy decor of Frankie’s Tiki Room in Las Vegas, off the strip. Oh…. I love this joint!



Let’s Frug!


So I’m busy collecting all manner of tiki art, for the fun of art.

I’m NOT Crazy, Damnit

I’m getting pretty tired of people raining on my parade. Yes, I get that my family and friends love me and somehow think that my Big Adventure, is too much for me to handle, but Come ON!  I’m a capable, intelligent, problem solving, resourceful  girl and I can do this without you trying to tell me that I’m cray cray.


So this is the type of van I am going to buy. Period, End of story. Adjust your thinking.

It comes complete with everything I will need and when I finish outfitting her with solar and off grid accoutrements I will be able to go anywhere and live comfortably without needing to be hooked up to ‘shore power’, essentially a power cord and water hook ups.

Yes, I will need to be prudent about using my resources, but I will have 40 gallons of fresh water (plus a reserve) and unlimited solar power to juice my systems.  This is called boondocking and van people do it everyday, out there in nature.  Have I mentioned I am sick to death of city living? Well, I am.  I want nothing more than a creekside parking spot with a fishing pole and a dog to keep me company.  I will come home again, when I am good and ready.

I will christen my chariot, The Tiny Tiki Hale on Wheels. And that is what I will have, a sweet ride, complete with kitchen and potty, bed and a full tank of gas, so I can get out of dodge if I need to.  This vehicle is like a tiny motor home, but fits in a regular parking space and may get over 15 mpg.  Since I will try to travel 13,000 miles on my big trip I will need to average 54 miles per day, in eight months,  more than easy to do.

I am a safe driver, I never speed and I also will have tons of safety equipment with me, including various ways to start a fire, safety whistles, pepper spray, a big mean dog (kidding) and my wits.  I also can jump from the back bed to the front seat and drive away in the event of danger. I plan to train my dog to bite on command, with some obscure word command.

Creeps better stay the hell away or be bitten by me and my dog.

Here’s the interior of my Tiny Tiki Hale.

Pretty nifty if you ask me, good for two people and super great for one person.

I am very excited about this great adventure, perhaps the last huge one of  my life.  If I have problems I will solve them, if I break down I will call road service. If I cannot finish the trip, no big deal, I will enjoy every moment of it that I get to enjoy!

I intend to do this so if you want to stay friendly with me I suggest you get on board and be positive about it with me, not negative or disparaging, because I am NOT going to listen to you.  I am going to do exactly what I want, when I want.  It seems stupid to even have to write this down, but there you go.

Tiny Tiki Hale