B n B in Ireland OPEN

Lovely Lakelands Lifestyle District or LLL – Munch & Play All Night

  • County Cavan Farm (Address given privately)

  • Multiple indoor & outdoor play spaces

  • Option to stay overnight – indoor (surcharge) or camping (free)

  • Very low donation €20pp or $20pp

  • Munch time 7pm-8pm Playtime 8pm – Next morning

  • Bring your own equipment – use at your own risk – venue is not responsible for your mishaps.

  • We are here to operate independently and simply provide a safe venue space for each like minded person to enjoy.
    •Kinksters, swingers, nudists, all sizes, genders, ethnicity, kinks are WELCOME!

    • Intolerance is NOT tolerated.

    •Private Message


    •Kinksters, swingers, nudists, all sizes, genders, ethnicity, kinks are WELCOME!

    • Intolerance is NOT tolerated.

    •Private Message


Ireland To Live

Slan to America

On December 10 in just 13 weeks I am going to move to Ireland for a number of months, to live with distant cousins in the Lakeland center of the Midlands.

  2. Ireland is for me the motherland.
  3. DNA says I am 95% Irish, Welsh, Scottish and English.
  4. I have researched some of my genealogy including O’Neill, O’Riley, MacKenzie, Miles, Cox, Wentworth, Patten, Martin and many more.
  5. This is where my O’Neill’s hail from in the North.
  6. I will enjoy visting beautiful natural sites.
  7. And many megalithic monuments that pre-date recorded history.
  8. Of being Finn MacCool’s fingers.
  9. Without a doubt I will take in my share of Castle’s both ruined and perfect.
  10. More will be revealed.

His Faults

His Faults-

He shaved his entire body and it was stupid.
He never had any money.
I had to pay for everything.
He screwed me out of thousands for the Hawaii trip and ruined Hawaii for me.
He was brash sometimes
He thought everyone owed him because of his talent he was special
He smoked too much
He drank too much
He was selfish sexually
He reciprocated exactly 1 time
He fucked for only a few minutes
He never made me orgasm
He was verbally abusive to my husband when he talked about him
He thought himself a genius
He EXPECTED me to pay for everything
He was cranky
He was depressed
He was narcissistic
He was a playa
He was rude
He wanted a harem
He lied
I could not trust him
He said he wanted to marry me but no
He wanted a poly home

Steps to Freedom

1. I’m powerless over Emile Dalkey and my life is unmanageable.

2. I believe my HP can restore me to sanity.

3. Im making a decision to turn my will over to a power greater than me.

4. Now I will make a seaŕching & fearless moral inventory.

1st column

is ALL Emile Dalkey.

2nd column are the resentments and how its manifested.

Emile abandonded me.

3rd. Self esteem, fear, security, finances.

4th. My part-zero

He broke my heart and left.

3rd Effects my security and self esteem. Also fear.

4th My part – guilty of trusting.

He should write back to me.

3rd Self esteem & security

4th. I am guilty of expectations.

He should pay me back.

3rd Finances & fear

4th I didnt hesitate to give him money daily.

He lied to me over and over.

3rd. My trust and self esteem and fear

4th My part is I believed him.

He broke our trust.

3rd. Fear

4th My part was actually trusting.

He made it essential for me to get therapy so I dont hurt myself.

3rd Self esteem and fear

4th My part is manini but I believe there must be some part that is mine, I cant think what it is.