Jealousy Cure

One Girls Journey to Freedom

It’s very difficult to deal with feelings of jealously and insecurity, in a relationship. And it’s no different when the players are polyamorus, because learning to keep jealousy down to a bare minimum roar is entirely attractive to the ongoing functionality of a poly dynamic. That is a couple, or three or more engaged in a poly lifestyle.

Polyamory is also known as non-monogamy, an often misunderstood and sometimes sexual identity that simply means “loving more than one”. This may or may not include sex, there are in fact, a-sexual people who are also polyamorous. They do not have sex, they LOVE.

To break it down:

Poly = many

Amorous = love

So often a polyamorous couple has multiple casual or committed lovers. In most cases everyone knows the score and they are caring, committed lovers who want more than one partner and inform one another when they have an opportunity to play or have sexual relations.

WE all have the right to sex, it is not immoral or inherently bad to have more than one partner. The immorality of yesteryear does not stand up to the light of scrutiny in today’s world and only people who are judgmental would deem to press their prejudicial morays onto individuals who choose love over hate. We’ve come too far toward enlightenment to go back to Victorian standards, and then cheat on our spouses behind another’s backs. Many must move past their own self-imposed judgments in order to live free to love who they wish.

So a wife decides she wants to take a lover because her husband has been withholding intimacy for years. Is she bad? Should she go without for the rest of her years? Does she suspect he is fulfilling his appetite elsewhere?

What does she choose?

How does she tell her husband, is he the type that doesn’t want to know?

What’s such a girl to do for sex?

She’ll have sex.

So she chooses a very sexy guitarist she happens to see at a club and Surprise! He’s into it. He a poly guy, whose “married” to the woman he’s loved for 2 decades, but his heart and body is open to LOVE.

SINCE she (the horny woman who hasn’t had sex in years) is already into Him, there’s no stopping them. She’s all about giving pleasure and she gives. A lot. She also receives the best fucking she’s ever had and she grows some feelings about the man. A lot of strong feelings.

Now she has an opportunity to practice curing jealousy in a poly triangle. There are dozens of web pages with info on curing jealousy in a poly dynamic.

She knows she is good enough, but she reminds herself regardless. Jealously is borne out of loneliness and insecurity so she makes sure she has plenty of activities and plenty of self esteem building interactions and activities. Jealousy can be like an unreachable itch so she talks about it, writes about it and remembers He wants Her too.

She continues to build up her own sense of self and treats herself with an abundance of self care.

This is her cure for jealousy in a poly relationship. She is thrilled to find a way thru jealousy to the love (and sex) she always wanted and she becomes very, very happy.


The Woman I Desire ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ A true FAN page by travel blogirl Jillymaui… featuring a special song by Emile Dalkey of Mezcal Aces – catch them in Sacramento or on an upcoming tour.

Emile Dalkey, “Master of Rock” and more, hits it “HARD ASA ROCK” with back o’ the head licks and enthusiastic teeth gnashin’ and flossin’ techniques ala the great Hendrix with some of his many beloved guitars.

The lyrics to the “Woman I Desire”, are in his original hand, digitally captured here.

The video then follows.

This song is on FIRE! So is this great musical talent, Mr. Emile Dalkey.

Just listen to the clear, intentional tone and hot, sexy strum slashes.

What IS that called?

Mr. Dalkey, plays this song like he really means it, in my humble, yet well-honed opinion.

He screams about “a girl who owns her sexy fire that melts men’s ♡♡♡s with a wink of her eye. And she knows it.”

How many boyfriends does this kinky girl need?

Lots and lots and lots apparently.

I was lucky enough to hear Emile Dalkey guesting with Nanker Phelge after the last Halloween show, on October 30, 2017 “a seventeen band strong evening featuring a Dead Rock Stars” review at the venerable club Old Ironsides in Sacramento, California.

That was one memorable show, which featured many bands, the standout to me, without a doubt, was Emile, as he WOWed us all, when he played & sang a great Mike Bloomfield original, “I Got a Mind”.


Emile Dalkey, I Got a Mind

Dalkey is always looking for the next challenging project, and his stint with Mezcal Aces is proving superb.

Together his current band has hundreds of years of real world musical experience, Emile is approaching 35 on his own, in his hardrocking quest for excellence.

You should be booking Emile today for your venue.

Emile Dalkey has ARRIVED!

I became an all-in immediate fan, I am truly hooked. On December 30, 2017, when he sang his song, “For Jill” that pretty much sealed the deal in my mind.

Emile is more than passionate about his music, his guitars, his bandmates, friends and his entire life devoted to creative fulfillment. MUSIC is his one true, all-consuming driving force. Nothing else compares, he agreed he is truly “married to music.”

He also paints with vibrant watercolours and writes captivating original music, like this fully, hot song of desire.

Dalkey also enjoys covering many hit rock tunes too, and is always a crowd pleaser.

The Woman I Desire is about a very sexy, nearly ideal woman he encounters, and simply must possess, he does not judge her or shame her for her ability to attract as many lovers as she desires. She is a polyamorous person with a sex drive that remains, utterly undiminished.

It was a pleasure to talk to Dalkey last January 10, 2018 when I was between vacations to Cabo, Mazatlan and Hawaii all about his music. Then on February 3, 2018, I closely examined, his beautiful guitar, as he provided personal insight to the workings of his ax and describes exactly why 3 pick ups are clearly necessary on his fabulous renderer of the hottest tuneage.

Dalkey Links :

facebook sign-in


Tribute to Mike Bloomfield, I Got a Mind

Reverbnation Page

Twitter Feed

Tumblr: with Brangs’ audio

Fandalism Page

Check out some of my newest photos, from our recent February meeting.

When not nekked for a private concert, you can find him fronting his latest band Mezcal Aces, or subbing for another rad playa in a well-wired band.

(NO boys & girls!! that is just his LEG there below the Strat and besides he’s married to rocking- photographer Tara).

Emile Dalkey is a classically trained musician, playing many genres and seems most at home fronting a hard- rock bluesy vibe, that just screams its’ riffs and sweet, super hot licks, ala ~ en fuego, ala ON Fire!

Included in this hero-worship fan blog are more musical renditions, links, other snips and bits …photos and videos exclusively by @jillymaui from a recent billing at Fox n Goose, Sacramento, long-time musical venue.


This is actually a limited post to feature my private, blooming friendship with a very, very special man.

All photos, creative editing, content and words by @jillymaui. Tremendous gratitude to the gifted artist.


We found matching phone charms, I’m such a sucker for a long haired lead guitarist, ummm, you have no idea.

Emile Dalkey is that rare breed of sexy lead guitarist and vocalist, who connects with his fans and charms his way into their hearts. Bravo!

Is this reviewer Dalkey biased?

Yea? Ha! no effing doubt, none, nada . Zero.


From “The Woman I Desire”

“Hey Mami yo la tengo, Corazon en fuego”.

Translation approximate:

She has a heart on fire!

Later I wrote an inspired haiku….

Like I said:





The lyrics again:

“The Woman I Desire” written by Emile Dalkey, singer-songwriter, lead guitarist.

Hot shit. Yes. All that. ♡

Can you spell

H-O-T ?

In person… he is on fire!!!

And now for more hotness…


This intense pic is the one that melts my ♡.

Everytime… and I only took this pic a few days ago.

Next booking:

Feb 17. Fox n Goose

That show I brought two girlfriends with and we had such FUN, they loved meeting the band and we rocked all night long.

Our next time will be March 3, a private engagement. Just us.

Come hang out with the Cool Kids!

Alright, actually the nerds and other music afficianados, for real.

Just treat yourself to something sweet and at the same time, support all hard working and playing local musicians, male and female, some of whom have the chops to play on any stage, anywhere in the World.

Such as Emile Dalkey.


Post-script: I’ve been on vacation, total of 3 trips since December, I plan to get up to date on that soon, with 500 photos. Just kidding. No really. Christmas was Tahoe, then cruised to Mexican Riviera on HAL for 7 nights and the last 2 weeks in Hawaii, 90% of it was spectacular.

Blog on.


My Ex-husband is Becoming a Woman

And I have alot of feelings about it in varying degrees of intensity.

Probably the overriding feeling is I’m very happy that she is happier now.

We were married at 18, my first husband and first love.

We were married about 4 years, straight out of high school and very passionate. I mean VERY.

When we parted we didn’t see each other for decades, I had a resentment and it stayed that way, I did alot of “work” getting over that marriage and never really did get past it.

Fast forward multiple decades to 2007 or so. I’ve left Hawaii after 23 years and am back in my hometown in Central California.

I wanted to return to state employment to achieve retirement income eventually and my plan worked.

And facebook happened soon. Along comes being able to find people from the our pasts. Her name was Rick then, and has been openly transitioning on fb in last few years.

I received a fb message, HI Jill, do you remember me?

Ah, yes we were married, I remember you. We chatted, she wanted to contact me before a party Stephen H. was giving at his new home in our old neighborhood. Steve was someone I’d known since 5th grade, we’d done a play together too in grade school.

So yes I was going to this monumental old neighborhood party of those of us who grew up and all went to school together.

And my first ex would be there too. Oh. Really. Decades later.

She (My ex husband) asked if we could meet up prior to the party. Good idea.

Our lunch get together at the Crepeary on Freeport was a perfect place, and when she came thru the door, the years, the resentments, the questions ALL fell away. Gone. We embraced and my second life with my #1 had begun. And there was alot of forgiving and understanding.
We talked for hours.
It was beyond cathartic.
The party was great, people I hadn’t seen in decades came, I didn’t recognize most.
Subsequent parties occurred, less heavily attended than the first. Some of us had been friends since grade school.
One big Homecoming!
So my relationship with my ex continued, we began playing guitar together like we had on Mom’s living room in high school, Max and Ron rejoined us and we were a 4 some again, banging our guitars to Dylan, the Beatles and more.
She and I flirted alot and goofed around some. I was still attracted and had no idea what “I’ve always been a lesbian” meant to she/he. I was oblivious, utterly without, guile or suspicion, a pure Pollyanna. This went on til about 2015.
Then the truth came out finally. He was a she and was going to live happy for the rest of her life. She was transitioning. Ok! I’m happy if You are happy!
It took months for nervous anxiety to set it, doubt and fear are not my friends and reality cannot be ignored. At least not by this 12 stepper.
What are you gonna do?
Fast forward about 3 years to now and the surgery is happening in a couple of weeks. With a bullet, my fear and anxiety morphed into mostly concern for her health thru this major procedure, I want Everything to be safe and healthy and problem free. I want to be 100% onboard like a big girl facing the unknown. I want to be of help to my ex. DSCF0548 (1)
She will be happy, already has her other lady bits and now will have every single lady bit.
Just like me, not a lesbian.

Confessing Confusion

I’ve lived a pretty long time now . . . I’ve seen and done things, many wonderful, enchanting even, many, too many, horrifying too.

It would take a month to recount all of it, I don’t have a month.
My earliest memories are swinging my imaginary friend Boo, pushing the swing and my first cocker spaniel, who I also named Boo. I remember running my little 4 year old fingers thru her golden curls, so perfectly soft.

When I was just 10 months I’d severely burned my palms, that would of been terrible for a baby.
I remember at 3 my little brother Jack came home from the hospital. I’d like to say I loved him dearly from the beginning, but our love warmed up slowly, I was a bit jealous.

Mommy’s lap was my favourite place to be and my baby nurse Lucille, who took the bus from nearby Oak Park to help with me, I loved her so much. Lucille helped everyday until I was 6 and we moved to the burbs. I wish I knew her family so I could tell them thank you.

Walking to school out in the burbs, I only had a couple of blocks, but sometimes I got scared.
The teacher taught us to shield our eyes and get under our desk for when the missiles hit, it was the Bay of Pigs.

Horrifying and so bizarre.

Mom asking me what we were doing and her pained expression when I demonstrated.
My cousin Patti coming to visit in the Summer, she was my first true friend outside my immediate family and neighborhood pals.

I loved her so and wanted to be thin like her. Struggling with this demon for most of my life, then the relief of true acceptance of myself, with all my imperfections. Horror and triumph.

Making it thru my teen years and into the era of romance. My first marriage at 18.
Happiness I could almost touch. Growing my friendship and love of my Mom before it was too late. Luncheons, gifts, conversations and love. I’m blessed to have gotten to “the love” with her fully.
Then losing her, losing everything, almost losing me.

A few years later onto lovely Hawaii, living in Paradise for 23 years and marrying for the final time to a man I adore.
Making a life together … working, relaxing, building, traveling. I’ve had wonderful experiences I even got to be a Mom, thank God. That joy joy.

Watching the national disasters, assassinations, accidents, hurricanes, murders ….. all mixed up with trying to be a Happy person, living a worthwhile life, it’s all been confusing, heartfelt, random and scary all at the same time.

Life. I don’t understand most of the time. I’ve worked on assimilating, coping, understanding to get by, to also be content and useful.

Many years ago I found a power greater than myself to believe in AND to give me enough faith, to get up and keep doing it everyday, one day at a time.

Outlander Tonight

Spoiler stills from tonight, called Surrender.

Jamie and Clare both Surrender in their own ways, in this pivotal epi, albeit 200 years apart, they remain connected by similar cathartic experiences.

The transformation of Jamie to one hiding in a cave is particularly stirring. I had a hard time recognizing his gaunt, dirty and distant persona 6 years after bloody Culloden.

He is a hunted animal, and heroic in saving young Fergus.

Outlander is remarkable. ☆☆☆☆

51st Acorn Festival & Pow Wow

The colors, the drums, the singing, the entire ensemble of the Me-Wuk Nation at Toulomne, California held the 51st annual gathering last week and my friend JR Sikoryak and I attended for an event of powerful beauty, even majesty. I concentrated on photographing the dancers and took a few videos as well. The photographs I took here, were all on September 9, 2017.

My favorite male dancer of the weekend, he also judged some of the young Nation participants.

This feathered headdress was sitting just feet from where we enjoyed the participants.

The young Nation dancers were full of energy.

Some costumes were memorable.

Here’s a short peek at the Dancing.

Even young girls were very well represented.

Judging for the contests.

This masked young man caught my eye.

JR and I at the Pow Wow.

My favorite photo that I took from the event was this one …

Geronimo on the USA flag and a great warrior dancer.