His Faults

His Faults-

He shaved his entire body and it was stupid.
He never had any money.
I had to pay for everything.
He screwed me out of thousands for the Hawaii trip and ruined Hawaii for me.
He was brash sometimes
He thought everyone owed him because of his talent he was special
He smoked too much
He drank too much
He was selfish sexually
He reciprocated exactly 1 time
He fucked for only a few minutes
He never made me orgasm
He was verbally abusive to my husband when he talked about him
He thought himself a genius
He EXPECTED me to pay for everything
He was cranky
He was depressed
He was narcissistic
He was a playa
He was rude
He wanted a harem
He lied
I could not trust him
He said he wanted to marry me but no
He wanted a poly home