Purpose for Me

My purpose in life is to be kind and of service.  Its an old fashioned way to live.  How do I know that?

Because today when one does something purely from the heart and for the good of others, people will tell you stop.  And I don’t care what anyone says I’m not going to stop being nice.

Other than the obvious, of keeping in touch with folks following my journey, this Rvan blog is designed to provide a means for people to know I am up and running, and functioning the way I intend on the road. I will try to publish something most days, and if more than a few days goes by without hearing from me, something is perhaps amiss.

I hope friends will communicate and give me desired feedback, and that some may meet up with me at prearranged destinations in order to share the beauty of the land, the comraderie of fellowship and the talk story time around the campfire. My desire is to create happiness in my own sphere, and to move thru life with joy and peace.