Steps to Freedom

1. I’m powerless over Emile Dalkey and my life is unmanageable.

2. I believe my HP can restore me to sanity.

3. Im making a decision to turn my will over to a power greater than me.

4. Now I will make a seaƕching & fearless moral inventory.

1st column

is ALL Emile Dalkey.

2nd column are the resentments and how its manifested.

Emile abandonded me.

3rd. Self esteem, fear, security, finances.

4th. My part-zero

He broke my heart and left.

3rd Effects my security and self esteem. Also fear.

4th My part – guilty of trusting.

He should write back to me.

3rd Self esteem & security

4th. I am guilty of expectations.

He should pay me back.

3rd Finances & fear

4th I didnt hesitate to give him money daily.

He lied to me over and over.

3rd. My trust and self esteem and fear

4th My part is I believed him.

He broke our trust.

3rd. Fear

4th My part was actually trusting.

He made it essential for me to get therapy so I dont hurt myself.

3rd Self esteem and fear

4th My part is manini but I believe there must be some part that is mine, I cant think what it is.