Mendocino Summer

Spending time in Northern California on the wild coast amid the redwoods is something everyone should do at some time in their life. This is why … 
To get there drive West on ca 20 ….. from Willits a windy wonderful road thru magnificent pines and redwoods.

There are turnouts which say you must use them if someone wants to pass. I did about 12 times.

If you stop at Browns corner as you enter Willits you can see this tree cross section, about 15′ wide at least.

Also the folks at Browns are great they had hydrogen peroxide I needed for my ears, good clean restrooms and they pumped my gas when I asked. Very nice and more fun than Chevron.

The road is not for wimps.

On to Ft. Bragg …

You cross Noyo Harbor 

Lots of fun restaurants and boating

Driving North to MacKerricher State Park is beautiful.

I spent my first honeymoon in a family cabin here.

And I’ve camped here several times.

Its much more breathtaking in person.

I got to visit my cousin.

We are close in age and spent July 4 together as kids many summers.

Beautiful Mendocino.

Trees are fantastic.

The drive home was about 5 hours. It was a real good test trip for van life, about 400 miles in 4 days.  I will be back soon.
Gus liked to lick my face. Good buddy.