I’m NOT Crazy, Damnit

I’m getting pretty tired of people raining on my parade. Yes, I get that my family and friends love me and somehow think that my Big Adventure, is too much for me to handle, but Come ON!  I’m a capable, intelligent, problem solving, resourceful  girl and I can do this without you trying to tell me that I’m cray cray.


So this is the type of van I am going to buy. Period, End of story. Adjust your thinking.

It comes complete with everything I will need and when I finish outfitting her with solar and off grid accoutrements I will be able to go anywhere and live comfortably without needing to be hooked up to ‘shore power’, essentially a power cord and water hook ups.

Yes, I will need to be prudent about using my resources, but I will have 40 gallons of fresh water (plus a reserve) and unlimited solar power to juice my systems.  This is called boondocking and van people do it everyday, out there in nature.  Have I mentioned I am sick to death of city living? Well, I am.  I want nothing more than a creekside parking spot with a fishing pole and a dog to keep me company.  I will come home again, when I am good and ready.

I will christen my chariot, The Tiny Tiki Hale on Wheels. And that is what I will have, a sweet ride, complete with kitchen and potty, bed and a full tank of gas, so I can get out of dodge if I need to.  This vehicle is like a tiny motor home, but fits in a regular parking space and may get over 15 mpg.  Since I will try to travel 13,000 miles on my big trip I will need to average 54 miles per day, in eight months,  more than easy to do.

I am a safe driver, I never speed and I also will have tons of safety equipment with me, including various ways to start a fire, safety whistles, pepper spray, a big mean dog (kidding) and my wits.  I also can jump from the back bed to the front seat and drive away in the event of danger. I plan to train my dog to bite on command, with some obscure word command.

Creeps better stay the hell away or be bitten by me and my dog.

Here’s the interior of my Tiny Tiki Hale.

Pretty nifty if you ask me, good for two people and super great for one person.

I am very excited about this great adventure, perhaps the last huge one of  my life.  If I have problems I will solve them, if I break down I will call road service. If I cannot finish the trip, no big deal, I will enjoy every moment of it that I get to enjoy!

I intend to do this so if you want to stay friendly with me I suggest you get on board and be positive about it with me, not negative or disparaging, because I am NOT going to listen to you.  I am going to do exactly what I want, when I want.  It seems stupid to even have to write this down, but there you go.

Tiny Tiki Hale












Author: Jillymaui - Travel, Kink, Music, Poly, more

A hopeful romantic, poly kinky bbw, travelin' gal, enjoying the last few decades of my life, I love the wild life, genealogy, SF Giants baseball, swimming, painting, guitars & playing, singing, sightseeing, and writing in my future home.

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