Adrift Upon Following Seas, Part 2, The Awakening

Part 2, The Awakening

Georgie began to think, first of all she reminded herself to Remain Calm, her Father’s voice big in her mind and presence. “If I remain calm this situation will right itself”, she felt the truth in that thought. So now I must take stock, and she listed all the ways she was alright. “I am safe for the moment, there is no immediate danger, as long as he stays asleep”. She also realized her boat is heading westerly because she had come about and was now heading toward land somewhere, far in the distance, she could limp in, on this light breeze if need be, all she would have to do it remain calm, stay awake and be alert to any changes.

She located a garment to put on in case the weather turned cold or ugly and a water bottle so she could hydrate, she was too nervous to eat anything, so she could skip that for now. What about the mystery man below deck? Nothing she could do about him now, she would just stay aware of his presence until he either awoke or became a threat she would have to deal with him when that need arose. The sun was dipping lower in the sky now and she sailed right into its center, as if following a spectre of Hope.


She knew the Sun would guide her home, and she held onto the large ships wheel, she could tie herself to it, if need be and would awaken if something drastic happened perhaps, for now she was just going to close her eyes for a moment and rest for a minute, she was beyond exhausted all of a sudden and would just close her eyes …. for a moment …. just ….

Wind slapped against the mainsail, making a whipping sound and Georgie woke from a nap to see the sun nearly setting in the distance, she sat upright and breathed in the cooler air, she would need that jacket for sure now, there was spray coming off the bow straight at her face and the temperature had dropped at least 30 degrees, tonight it would get very cold, she could tell. George looked around. Was there any sign of land, anywhere? And she heard a noise come from below decks at the same time, it sounded like the man was awake and using the head. She braced herself for the unknown and said a small prayer, “God please, keep me safe and calm, I will do my best, with whatever your will is, amen.”

The footfalls on the steps were slow and George turned to see the blonde hair pop up above the hatch, she made eye contact immediately with the stranger and tightened her grip on a hoist lever, which would make an excellent weapon should the need arise. Blondie looked around and saw George as he  stumbled toward her with a very puzzled look on his very cute face. “Ahoy!” he cried, and she chuckled to herself, she could take this bozo in one quick thrust if need be, Georgie ascertained she was not the one who needed to be worried, this character was about as menacing as a cocker spaniel. “Ahoy yourself” she replied, a wry smile escaping her perfectly chiseled mouth. “What say you?” she asked. “Not much,” he extended his hand to shake hers and she barely touched her fingertips to his and said, “Sit down and tell me what is going on here.” He replied, “OK but you tell me,” he continued, “the last thing I remember, I was at Charley and Bob’s place, tying one on”. She knew exactly the bar he refered to, a small place on the tip of Key West, known as a pick up bar and a place to forget all of ones troubles.

She remembered, George had been drowning her sorrows at Charley and Bob’s joint too. She asked him his name, he answered, “Probably mud, since this morning, I was supposed to be starting a new job onboard the new Dutch cruise ship, Hopeful.  Looks like I lost that job now too.” “Look my name is Georgie, what is yours?”

He answered quickly, “I am Bryn, its Welsh”.


Just then a seagull swooped low over the bow and came to rest on a railing amidship. George looked around and spotted land, without thinking she announced, “Land ho!” to no one inparticular, she and her unwitting shipmate were headed back to land for sure now, they would be there by nightfall it appeared. George said to Bryn, “lets get ready to assume we can land nearby, I will need your help, can you handle the wheel while I make preparations?”
“Aye, aye Captain, I surely will”, Bryn replied and he confidently took the wheel as George began to put right the lovely ship, she could not wait to get off of, another odd day in the life of a wandering seabird, she would have another interesting tale to tell when they came ashore and made their way to whatever was the nearest watering hole they might find, with friendly faces and a well stocked, heavy handed bartender.

Oh, if only her Dad could see her now! Well, who knows, maybe he could!


Part 1 Adrift Upon Following Seas


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A hopeful romantic, poly kinky bbw, travelin' gal, enjoying the last few decades of my life, I love the wild life, genealogy, SF Giants baseball, swimming, painting, guitars & playing, singing, sightseeing, and writing in my future home.

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