Love You Forever Mom

Mom and her sister, 1978

I was so fortunate to have a Mom who loved me fiercely and who I loved more than anyone on Earth.

Mom was there  99% of the time for me which is nearly perfect.  I was an awful teen (aren’t most?)  and she knew I was sorry before she died toooooo young at 51.

Isn’t she beautiful holding me?

She lost 6 babies before me and needed DES to complete 4 pregnancies with her 5 healthy babies.

Her she is with all of us. We were in La Jolla on this trip and had just been to Disney.

I love this pic, to me she radiates love, something several of her descendants inherited.

Three of Mom’s daughters and 2 of her grandaughters. I know she would be proud of every descendant. I hope they realize she gave us all life, and so much more.

Jack is in heaven with Mom now, and Dad too. I so wish we were all still together, oh god.

Mom had a wicked cool sense of humour, when we’d go to the zoo, to see monkeys or gorillas she would always say we were going to visit Uncle Harry. She meant it too.

Mom would’ve loved that a group of us went to Paris. She loved the idea of travel but didn’t get to do much, we’ve certainly made up for that.

Mom’s ancestors, arrived via covered wagon in 1850, the Hamrick’s of Jackson, CA. The woman Elizabeth Wisdom Rhoads Hamrick, is Mom’s grandmothers Mother.  Got that?

Some of us gathered in Hawaii for Richie’s wedding. We are mostly female, with husbands.

Mom’s grandaughter Brandy and great grandson Axel.

Richie is another of Marylou’s grandchildren.

Mom’s mother Lulu with all of us.  Lulu was funny, and wacky too.

I was lucky enough to be Carl’s Mom for eight years of love in Maui.

The sweetest boy ever who deserved the aloha so very much.

I wish all her grandkids had known my Mom, she was extraordinary, she loved baking, sewing, card playing, laughing, little theatre PTA style, helping people and most of all her family.

Marylou with three of her finest.

At Judi’s wedding we dedicated our song Second Hand Rose to her so she was part of the special day, so fun, just like Mom.

I just love this photo of Mom.

Me and Shot, guess I’m about 3.

Mom’s very smart and beautiful great grandaughter Lucy. I was fortunate to spend a lot of time with her as a toddler.

Mom and her beloved Mother in law.

Mom gave me so much and influenced my life, my love of baseball, the space race we watched together, her creativity, she could make anything and her positive attitude. She was the best picnic maker ever. And her pies, oh epic! She was a true Democrat too.

Mom and Dad at wedding reception, she was just 18.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!


Author: Jillymaui - Travel, Kink, Music, Poly, more

A hopeful romantic, poly kinky bbw, travelin' gal, enjoying the last few decades of my life, I love the wild life, genealogy, SF Giants baseball, swimming, painting, guitars & playing, singing, sightseeing, and writing in my future home.

2 thoughts on “Love You Forever Mom”

  1. BeautyFull💜😍💜
    I Remember Some of This🙄
    I remember how our moms hit it off so well …
    They both died way too young 😓😢😓
    Happy Mother’s Day Mom’s!!!


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