Everything is Temporary

When one lives long enough you begin to understand that everything in this life is temporary.


As a child it felt like my World was fairly constant and unbendable, my parents were there everyday, my teachers and friends at school were a constant and I understood my job was to be a good person, look out for my siblings and go to school to learn as much as I could.  It was not a privileged childhood, better than many, far less opulent than some. My life had a few unwelcome surprises along the way, meaning, some interlopers invaded my personal space, but 99% of my life was fairly ordinary and dependable.

As a teen in the 60s I began to notice the more fluid nature of life, that much depended upon my own outlook and on other people doing what they said they would, often this was not the case, so I began to feel disappointed in many people.

It probably started when I was 11 and Kennedy was assasinated, then Ruby killed Oswald as I watched live on tv. This was not a movie, it was real, and life took on an air of the temporary. So that by the time I was a hippie teenager I could tell that most things, people, places were mercurial in nature and I would need to adjust by keeping up.

Change bacame the only real constant.

Which way to the beach?

I embraced the very nature of temporariness, change and movement became what I sought. I changed my mind alot, I changed partners, I changed my look, my jobs, my homes. Change was the only reality so I would adopt it as my way of life too. By contrast, one of my long time friends lived in the same old apartment for decades and worked the same job for longer, not very happily.

Loving change and the temporary nature of all things opened me up to new adventures and experiences I never would of tried before. I took a trip to Greece by myself, I joined the carnival, I let a man pay me to marry him. I worked various careers, I tried every little thing I ever wanted to try from drama to music to antropology to teaching genealogy at college level.

The most profound discovery was finding that there is pain in the resistance to change.

Everything is temporary, when we resist the nature of the evolution of life as we know it, we feel the pain of not being able to accept change, which is inevitable.


Author: Jillymaui - Travel, Kink, Music, Poly, more

A hopeful romantic, poly kinky bbw, travelin' gal, enjoying the last few decades of my life, I love the wild life, genealogy, SF Giants baseball, swimming, painting, guitars & playing, singing, sightseeing, and writing in my future home.

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