I always wanted to begin a blog, but never really took the time to do it before now, I am glad I have.

And I cannot believe 18 people have hit the Follow button on my page, really? What on Earth? I love Following people but its hard to fathom why someone would feel likewise, oh oh sounds like insecurity to me, and I don’t have time left for that in my life.

So consider this my Thank You, I am humbled and amazed even 1 person would bother and I will continue to follow many people who ‘speak’ to me on any of the hundred subjects I am interested in, this blogging thing has its rewards.


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Author: Jillymaui - My Van Life Adventures

A hopeful solo RVan life kinky, bbw, traveling gal, enjoying the last decades of my life, I love wildlife, genealogy, SF Giants baseball, swimming, painting, guitar playing, singing, sightseeing, and writing in my future Tiny Tiki Hale.

3 thoughts on “Blogging”

  1. This blogging world is all about sharing your feelings through wordings. All your readers care for your feelings. So don’t feel you don’t deserve it… 😊
    Keep going !! 👍👍

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