A Side Long Glance and a Little Chuckle

Not exactly a laugh more like a Chuckle


A long time ago in a time far, far away I had a boyfriend who was your basic Dom, ie Dominant male, in the bedroom. He took pleasure in controlling me, a kind of sadistic pleasure knowing I was captive and he was in charge.
I was his submissive and I found the arrangement both scary and incredibly sexy at the same time. He never actually hurt me, but there was always the thought that he might, and certainly could. I had consented to being dominated of course, with various hard limits, that kept me safe from real harm and of course I had a safe word, and he would immediately STOP.

He would get me into some position of submission, either tied down or trussed up in an elaborate way and then he would make intense, eye contact, a side-long glance if you will, and he would pause, then give a little chuckle. Twice. Then he would do whatever erotic thing he had in mind.

It was so HOT! I miss that sort of play and with luck ….. oh who knows!


Author: Jillymaui - My Van Life Adventures

A hopeful solo RVan life kinky, bbw, traveling gal, enjoying the last decades of my life, I love wildlife, genealogy, SF Giants baseball, swimming, painting, guitar playing, singing, sightseeing, and writing in my future Tiny Tiki Hale.

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