I am So Pleased

What has Pleased me? So many, varied things, suffice it to say the beauty of nature and the kindness of a deed, a caring human act, even remembering my good days and some of the bad, which have led me to who I am today, an old wise woman with miles to go before I’m done.

Horsetail Falls, Yosemite National Park

Most things in nature please me, and the beautiful national park system is at the top of my list of the most beautiful of them all, I plan to visit as many parks as possible during my RV trip.

Which way to the beach?
Let’s go.

Beaches are sublime in their beauty and please me in every way, the calm waves that whisper Aloha and the setting sun that bids goodbye to another lovely day.

Flying high

I have wondered how it feels to soar like a bird on the tradewinds, carrying me higher and higher toward, what …. heaven? Who knows! But it certainly pleases me to behold our winged friends floating above the mundancity of human existence.


There is nothing too mundane about a fun car on holiday though, yes it pleases me to passenger in a fabulous vehicle while my hunny whips and races around the street looking for donuts or in and out burger. What the heck, it pleases me.


Author: Jillymaui - Travel, Kink, Music, Poly, more

A hopeful romantic, poly kinky bbw, travelin' gal, enjoying the last few decades of my life, I love the wild life, genealogy, SF Giants baseball, swimming, painting, guitars & playing, singing, sightseeing, and writing in my future home.

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