Unravel Me

 Unravel Me

The outer skin of an onion is a thin, loose, flaky, paper like substance that cannot protect a thing and seems to have a basic purpose of annoying the person trying to cut into said onion.

Once the initial cut is made and the outer skin is removed, the ends need to be disposed of and finally the inner white of the onion is revealed. There are many ways to cut an onion, in half, at first seems to be a logical beginning point and as a person who enjoys generally too much onion in any given dish I am want to use most of the whole onion for many dishes.  Including salads, meatloaf, spaghetti sauce, carmelized or any of a hundred other ways onions can be used to enhance the flavor of the foods being prepared.

To unravel me, a person needs to think of me as an onion, not much that matters on the outside but lots of juicy sharp, goodness to be found on the inside, which will enhance anything I have a chance to be interacting with, be it friends, acquaintances or strangers on the street. I have never been particularly shy and I love to talk to people, and have folks listen to me, what a compliment when someone is truly interested in what I have to say, its like a tiny little miracle in a world gone bitter.

So I talk it up with people in lines, people in offices, people everywhere, and I do think people are the most interesting animals out there too. Every single person has a story to tell, a movie to be made, a book to be written. Getting to the essence of the persons story is not always a sure thing. But most people do want to be heard and seem at ease telling big secrets to strangers too. “I don’t know why I am telling you this, maybe because it seems like you won’t judge me” is a comment I hear.  And I won’t judge them, to each their own, unless they are hurting others,  in my humble opinion.

I have heard some tales that would make a priest blush and that’s not easy to do. One way to unravel people is to ask openended questions, how do you feel about the current political climate is a big open ended question these days. I have strong political beliefs which I do not need to share to hear a persons story, I can just let them tell there’s, and politics often leads to people talking personally, about what they see in the world  is happening to them right at this precious moment in time. Anyway they rarely ask for my opinion about their beliefs, most people are happy to own their own stuff and have no need to be approved by me.

By listening to others I learn about myself, more is revealed and I find out what I think about on many various topics. Sometimes I amend my choices, sometimes my belief is so firm there is no room for change as in things political. And I hear people tell their story, the story of their families, their struggles, their illnesses, their hopes and dreams and it all enriches my life tremendously. I sort through all the thoughts and opinions and ideas and find my own truth, change my mind, and I grow and learn.

 I unravel me.