Take What You Like . . . 

When someone bashes my boundaries it’s usually about lying.

Lying is something I rarely will forget, oh I’ll forgive that person for their stupid actions but I’ll remember what happened, and that changes our dynamic forever.

 If they’ve made a habit of betrayals  I’ll have decisions to make, and because I am healthier nowadays,  I will choose to put myself first. I won’t stay in a dynamic where I am being non- consensually mistreated by another’s actions and decisions, even if I care for them, at the same time. 

Because those lies cancel all the sweetness. Instead,  I’ll choose me and not feel guilty no matter what they try to pile on me emotionally to tip those ever present scales of justice, because, once they’ve tipped too far south of good, I  am over them.
 I have zip to give if I have nothing of real me left, if they have ruined the us, I have no where to go but away.

 So I can accept and forgive at the same time taking care of me, to that elusive point just before nevermore. 

Then I will develop more/other  relationships that are really honestly, mutually beneficial. Healthy, hopeful, respectful and honest. 

Anything less is self-abusive. 
Anything less is not even worth my time.
Things I’ve learned on the path. 
Take what you like, fuck the rest.

        Santa Monica Pier