Butt Wrinkles

The thought of a wrinkly butt made me smile and makes me want to look at my own to see if my butt has wrinkles. It doesn’t really matter all that much because I doubt if I could iron them out anyway. Like much of my life there is only so much I can actually do about certain things, politics for one. Relationships can get kind of wrinkly thru time, I have a lot of friends I have known for more than 5 decades, we bonded over music and mudpies and stayed friends forever even though I did not live in this hemisphere all of my life, when I did return to California we jumped back into friendship at the first phone call. I like that. Catching up, rediscovering one another, finding out what each has been doing for the last 20 years.

The facts of life are if we do not keep up with one another we are likely to fall out and become lost to each other. And that makes me sad. I love my friends, I have lost some dear friends and will probably lose more. Family members have also left this existence and I miss them everyday.

Mom was my heart and soul, I remember as a child tracing  the curves of her face with my tiny, little finger and playing with her pretty, diamond studded wedding ring on her left hand, the one I never take off now.  Her ring has 5 tiny diamonds in it, the same number of children she had and raised, who are her true  diamonds.

My Dad passed away too young also, and when he was found we all flew to California to honor his life of sacrifice for all of us. When my younger brother died suddenly at just 51 years old,  while fishing for sturgeon,  I experienced the gut wrenching loss of my baby brother dying far too early, I took care of his little girl for two years every Sunday after Jack died.

But it was losing Steve that just about did me in, I had just texted him and 15 minutes later he was gone, literally in the  blink of the eye, gone from a heretofore unbeknownst heart attack that took him so quick it sent my head swirling into a depression I had not known the depths of before or since.  My Steve. Gone.  How could it be?  He was so happy, he was so fun, he was my sweetest friend.

The butt wrinkles of this life are sometimes much too hard to fathom. They are beyond human understanding, beyond my limited comprehension.

Beyond the beyonds.


Steve and I at the first Sober Fest.







Bloody Politics

I am not a fan of trump and I never will be. I do not need you to try to convince me of any redeeming qualities he may be hiding, I will never like him.  When he opens his mouth gibberish comes out, he is about as eloquent as a donkey, and I like donkey’s.

He scares the crap out of me, he has told so many huge lies that he is now  impossible to believe even if he does not lie. There are numerous sources for his lack of facts and I will not waste space repeating them here. His stunts are epic in stupidity. So far he has tried to ban Muslim’s from entering the country legally. He wants to build a wall to keep Mexican people from entering the USA. He wants to deport people and is holding ICE raids all over the country. He holds people up at airports from entering the country who are trying to do so legally.

He is now bombing Syria, a few months ago he derided Obama from doing the same. He thinks using nuclear bombs is OK. I wonder which state will be his target, he doesn’t seem to like California a lot.

He has a desire to cut Social Security, food stamps and Meals on Wheels and claims this will make America Great Again.  He would like to cut more social programs that help poor Americans too.  He is costing us millions of dollars each week so he can get away every weekend to play golf at his private Florida mansion. His wife stays ensconced in their gold Manhattan tower so his youngest son can stay in his school and the cost for private security rivals the budgets of small nations.  trump claims to be a gazillionaire and he should be paying for some of these services on his own.

But one of the biggest travesties is the fact that he will not provide his tax returns, he claims no one cares about this other than the media but that is not true. Anyway he thinks the mainstream media is fake so what the what?  At this point I would not believe his returns to be anything other than fake themselves.

He hates the media who “have the gall to report what he says” and who are “fake”. The only thing fake is trump himself. He is under investigation for his collusion with Russia and is only trying to distance himself from Russia by bombing Syria. His ties to Russia are so deep that he is in Putin’s left pocket, for nothing redeeming whatsoever.

This is a stream of conscience piece about a person who has too much power in all of our lives, I do not know how he was elected, I am still in shock and he will never be my President.