Am I in Denial ?

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Denial It’s not a river in Egypt!

The Daily Word is a sublimely thought provoking blog that gets my juicy brain going most days, yes, I know I am very new at this whole blogging thing, but some types of writing  keep me active and this is certainly one that does, now on to denial. The old adage, its NOT a river in Egypt, rings true. And looking closely at things in my life that could be considered too extreme, there is room  to ask the  question,   Am I in Denial?

All I can think of to answer is Perhaps. It is of course, surrounding my lofty plans to travel 13,000 miles by van as a solo wanderer thru hills and valleys, rivers and more until I am too worn out to continue. At first glance this desire of mine seems like it could be far-fetched, that is only the attitude of those who do not know me very well.

What will I do if I break down? I’ll call the road service. What will I do if I run out of funds? I will plan to make each dollar stretch, cook instead of dining out, not buy things unless they have dual uses.  My daily spending will be limited to $66.00 per day so I will spend nights off grid continuously. I have my guaranteed monthly income but it is not that much and frugality will be my middle name.  Anything else I can do to augment my monthly income?  Yes, I have a drawer full of tiny items I can set up for sale with a folding table and a chair, I’ll make it look pretty and attract people with a sign to a new “For Sale” table in a busy area of town and sell things to raise emergency money. I can get a job for a few weeks also.  I can babysit, paint pet portraits, write resumes for job seekers and I have many more ways I can make money on the road also, can you spell busking?  Yes. not likely I’ll make much money but it will be a kick to give it a shot!

What if I get sick? I’ll go to a doctor, I’ll have extra medications and prescriptions also,  and since I have full heath coverage I do not see getting sick as an end to my big trip. What else could possibly go wrong? Probably a hundred things, and if I was the sort of woman who freaks out every time an obstacle arises,  I would not be planning such an adventure to begin with, now would I ?  No I would not. The fact is, I feel extraordinarily positive about this RVan trip around North America. I am not in denial, I am not foolish and my trip is not a folly.  It is my passion and I will pursue it, now, I may not finish this trip but that does not matter a bit to me, I got over my need for ‘perfectionism’ a very long time ago, that perfectionist bull is just that, and I am no longer a perfectionist junkie.

I am of the mind to set out on my planned trip and go as far as I can and adapt to situations as they arise, because they will, to use an old cliche, “whatever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger” could be a tag line for this trip.


For Sale

Find Your New Treasure

1 Day Only !













Author: Jillymaui - Travel, Kink, Music, Poly, more

A hopeful romantic, poly kinky bbw, travelin' gal, enjoying the last few decades of my life, I love the wild life, genealogy, SF Giants baseball, swimming, painting, guitars & playing, singing, sightseeing, and writing in my future home.

3 thoughts on “Am I in Denial ?”

  1. I used to work for the CofC and we booked hotels B&B and motels, planes etc, you get the idea. One day an 85 year old woman walked in the door. She didn’t want a room, just a place she could store her bike so it wasn’t stolen. She’d literally biked the himalays and every country you could imagine, on her bike. Can’t remember now how old she was when she started, I believe 75 or so. anyway, she backpacked on her bike everywhere. Never say never, it’s too awesome. I’m not as brave as you and couldn’t walk more than 10 steps so it would be a wate, but brava!

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  2. I love that she just wanted to STORE her bike, how wonderful is that! I’ll probably be that random woman who says, YO! can I park here awhile? And ask to pay a few bucks for electricity, altho if my planned solar works right I won’t even have to do that!
    A hui hou!


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