That song from Paint Your Wagon, sung by Lee Marvin called I Was Born Under a Wandering Star in a gravely whisper could be my very own theme song, if I had one. It makes me FEEL. And that song emotes my level of committment to the notion of being a wanderer.

It’s never been easy for me to plant myself for very long, when I lived in the same house in Maui for ten years that was the longest time I lived in one place, but it WAS Maui afterall. It took me ten years to see every smidgen of that beautiful island and I do know the entire Valley Isle, from the top of Haleakala to the bottom of Iao Valley. I wandered there alot, lazing on every beach and trekking Upcountry and even the bumpy backside of the Hana Road, many times. When visitors came I could hit all the best spots and since I was lucky to work as a concierge I could also enjoy all the extraordinary activities offered to tourists.

When I left Maui it was because I had purchased a huge 5th wheel and planned to see America extensively. The problem came because I lacked consistent income of funds to stay on the road indefinetly and working for 8 bucks an hour in Florida was lackluster and did not meet our basic needs very well. How they get away with paying so little for a trained chef is beyond me and it led to us eating beans and finding obscure $3. buffets that were horrible. Wandering is not in my husbands DNA the way it is in mine, so I’ll be heading off alone on this adventure, but there is always home base to return to, as working for several months a years adds to my ability to be able to stay out on the road to begin with, plus now I have monthly incomes regardless due to a small pension and small social security, and small is better than none.

Generating income on the road is going to be a priority in order to actually pay for gas and crucial expenses like food. I have some skills and I can attempt to sell those skills to potential customers. What skills?  Well, I can paint your pet’s portrait on canvas for just $20. Or create a special CD or EP cover for the same, let me take your photo and do some graphic magic, I’ll add some of my covers here for your consideration. I sell jewelry and other small things and I am really good at creating a powerful resume, you need to provide your work history. I can also pet and baby sit, I’ve done elder care and can even paint your rig if you like, a painting of your rig that is,  for posterity. These skills are transferable also, and though I don’t enjoy laundry or housecleaning or ironing, I will do these things for a fee, based on a fair hourly rate. I can clean alot in an hour. I am willing to negotiate most any service you might need to have performed, do you have stuff to sell? I can help.  Customer service or job scheduling needed? I’m your girl.  I will get the job done before I wander off again. A hui hou!